The Story

Books tell stories.   Stories of all kinds are written and read, stories of dragons and brave knights, stories of people lost in society, stories of great leaders, stories of people. People who write, people who read, and people who imagine.


This blog is not to tell the story, but to think. Stories often say much more than what’s written. There’s a hidden story too. Perhaps the author didn’t intend that meaning but a book is only read how one experiences it.

Books are the stories of people, interpreted through the experiences of the reader. My experiences are where I draw the meaning within the texts, behind the words, between the lines. 

k-dym0Between the Lines is a blog about those interpreted readings. I’m here to tell you my interpretation and ask you yours.

Do you agree with my thoughts? Disagree? Reply and let me know.

Have a great read!

My slam poetry playlist: HERE


One thought on “The Story

  1. I love the syntax of this writing, the way you begin with short punchy sentences that guide the reader into your message for which you use antithesis – “the blog is not to tell the story”. Beautiful, creative, and thoughtful.


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